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40 years in Decorative Lighting Production

​We think that dressing light is an art and we know that every well-lit space increases the quality of life.

With products made by masters who turn their craft into artGalata Lampshade and Lighting, 

With its numerous collaborations with important architects and designers, 

realizing your designs and/or producing your own products

It offers the opportunity to adapt it according to your wishes and tastes. 


Our story started in 1977, in a small workshop in Şişhane. our childhood We didn't know then that we would build our future in the workshops we passed. 

A story that our parents started, a future that they knitted together, stitch by stitch.

A path walked on the same street, from their youth to our years of maturity. 

Our father Cevdet Turgut,Özge Lampshade His son Ömer Faruk Turgut, who grew up in the tradition of mastery that he continued for many years under the name of

and in line with the values they built together with our mother Necile Turgut,

 Since 2003 

Galata Abajur ve Işıklatma San. and Tic. Ltd. Ltd.  Our company under the name

It has continued to develop its product range and production tools without compromising its quality and reliability.

The family tradition continues to grow with the participation of their daughter Özge Turgut, who completed her master's degree in 2015.


We carry out 100% domestic manufacturing of decorative lighting products such as chandeliers, pendant lamps, floor lamps, sconces and table top lighting.

Our aim;

To develop the opportunities of Şişhane's organic structure with new generation production tools,

In order to ensure that the mastery and craftsmanship that we value so much does not disappear, 

To ensure customer satisfaction with family sincerity and reliability without compromising the values we believe in.


Bereketzade Mah. 

Bankalar Cad. No:26/A 


We are at the entrance of Nazlı Han, opposite Halkbank.

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